Monday, October 11, 2010

Sunny Day #10 Frocktober

Suffering a bit of Monday-itis after upgrading my iPhone o/s to 4.1. Big mistake!! There is a bug for reoccuring alarms that makes them go off either an hour early or an hour late. I was woken before six thank to Apple ... grrrr Steve Jobs. Where's the patch already??

Today the Halsinky cream dress makes another appearance, this time teamed with an animal print scarf and my favourite mary-janes (with faux-ostrich skin).

The animal prints may be to blame for today's bird attack. I was swooped on by a bird. I squealed and ran to safety. Comraderie among the animal kingdom pffft. I hate birds too.

Grumpy Monday it is... so please donate to put a smile on my face =D

A few of you have had trouble with the Paypal option - apparently there is a tiny link when entering your details where you can add a message. It is in this spot that you can add my rego number #680068. Otherwise I recommend the elctornic funds transfer option.

Until tomorrow
Maryann xx

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