Sunday, October 31, 2010

Final day Frocktober

It's done! It's over! I've made it to the end of Frocktober wearing dresses and skirts every single day. Yay!! I don't have the final tally but I'm pretty certain, I've raised over $500 for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. Thank you to all who supported me this last month.

Today's outfit is a bit of a schamozzle to end on. I headed down to the Peninsula to spend some quality time with Mr Bug and grabbed this dress without realising how much colder the weather was going to be. And didn't bring a jacket either *facepalm*

So I'm ending with a green wrap dress, brown slip dress and brown boots. Basically I look like a lacy tree ... a girly camouflage perhaps :P

If you would like to make a donation for my efforts and help find an early detection test, pretty please do so. You can make donations via PayPal using my rego #680068. Visit, go to the 'donate' page and include my registration number (680068) in the message section. If paying via direct debit, enter my registration number (680068) in the 'reference' field from your internet banking service. Frocktober bank details are listed below:

Account name: Frocktober Inc
BSB: 633000
Account number: 134323187

Thanks again for your support and I will update with total tally as soon as I know.

Maryann xx


  1. Congrats, Maryann!

    I have donated on your behalf, and you've inspired me to frock up next year myself.