Friday, October 8, 2010

Day #7 Frocktober

Casual Friday... I usually attempt this look with skinny jeans when I want to pretend to be in the band Ratcat. I'm sure Simon Day would be proud. I wonder if he would sponsor me if he saw this homage??

 Frocktober is the best excuse to rock this look with black/white fishnets. And my boots could stake a vamp - just in case I get in that predicament.

To add a teeny tiny splash of colour to yet another black/white outfit, I've added my hot pink button to basically state the obvious "I run like a girl". I might have to wear this button to Monday Night Running Club if I ever get back there. The green ring was a nice find in the Marc Jacobs Accessory store in New York. I remember lots of pretty people being rude to all the customers. And of course shopping intoxication with Melody. Fond memories!!

 Yesterday I was challenged to wear a red and blue outfit. After ransacking my home which also included moving furniture and the TV, I found that my only red/blue dress was long given away to charity. I hate it when I do that. Don't fret DJ!! I'm getting that $10 off you ... the search is on. Wait and see.

I'm open to other challenges for donations too. Get creative, send it to me and let's see what I can do. In the meantime, if anyone spots a red/blue dress anywhere, ping me!

Maryann xx

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