Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day #12 Frocktober

Late post on today's outfit but definitely wearing a dress!! Tody was particularly uninspiring day in the hair department, hence the hat. Rainy day, frizzy hair... solution is to hide :)

Trusty DKNY dress makes another appearance. The black patent wedge boots came out to deal with today's downpour. I'm having a half slow fashion and half fast fashion day. Boots and dress are brand spanking new while the jacket is an op shop find and the beanie was a hand-me down from a friend (orginally her mum's).

How odd does my bendy leg look? I'm hoping the freak factor will encourage donations from those with fetishes that we would rather not know about :P

And while many of you may not have been Rick-rolled in a while, my Rick Astley inspired badges add a little 80s glam to my look.

Big thank you to Katie and Michaela for donating. If anyone else wants to, please head over to Frocktober and hand over your latte money. Remember my rego number is 680068.

Cya tomorrow
Maryann xx


  1. LOVE this entire outfit!! Your wardrobe is indeed something to be envious of! Frock on! x

  2. I really like this outfit. What a find that jacket was! Melbourne weather is showing its true colours. You were in a sundress a few days ago and now you are all decked out in winter gear!