Thursday, October 28, 2010

Desperate measures Frocktober

Thankfully October is nearly over otherwise I would have to start wearing cocktail dresses, evening gowns and even whip out those bridesmaid dresses I've been forced to wear. Not exactly the best work attire. Today's outfit reflects this predicament - not exactly the best work wear unless I was Buffy the Vampire Slayer. A girl can dream.

Pic by @KimberleyL
This dress is a Bettiana Liano frock I purchased this year. To be honest I was super surprised to fit in it. Guess those hula hooping classes paid off.

Anyway it didn't occur to be how flashy this dress was until I met @KimberleyL in Richmond for lunch today. I was all sparkly and WAY overdressed for a bowl of pho.

Tomorrow is the last work day for Frocktober and I'm a little excited that work is having fancy dress for Halloween. I will be resurrecting my Miss Dead USA Beauty Queen outfit. Can't wait to share that pic with you.

Thanks again for the late donations coming in. I really appreciate it. You still have a chance to donate, got to and use my registration number 680068.

Maryann xx


  1. you look fantastic!!! Wear this dress whenever you damn well please. xx

  2. Thanks Lou xx I make a dates for Mr Bug & I to go on just so I can dress up at time :)

  3. You had me giggling at my computer, picturing you in an evening gown at your brand spanking new place of employment :)