Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day #19 Frocktober - Dees inspired

This look is called Every-heart-beats-true-for-the-red-and-the-blue!! With a little help from my friend Melody, I now have my much sought after dark blue and red outfit. So DJ and other Demon's supporters, I want you to come to the party with donations.

I think this is a Leona Edminston navy dress. It's a great fit although the low cleavage line is a bit too "how's-it-going" for my liking. However the tie sits nicely enough to hide ... er .. my boobs :P A red belt, shoes and ring finish off my Dees look.

So DJ - you asked and I delivered! Now's where's my tenner?? Wonder which other Dees supporters will donate? *hint* *hint* 

To sponsor me, you can either make an online payment at visit, go to the 'donate' page and include my registration number (680068) in the confirmation page. Or make an Electronic Funds Transfer: Enter my registration number (680068) in the 'reference' field from your internet banking service. Account name: Frocktober Inc BSB: 633000 Account number: 134323187

Thanks guys!!
Maryann xx


  1. The cockroach killers have inspired me to double up, Miss M. Thank you for granting my wish. DJ

  2. oh how funny I'm wearing a blue dress with a red belt today too! No tie though (nice touch) and wearing cream heels instead of red.
    I have to ask - where have you found all of these dresses? As a mother of 3 boys I am quite inspired to re-populate my wardrobe thanks to these posts ;)

  3. Thanks Jasmin. I've started collecting dresses for a little while now - got a fairly decent collection to choose from now.

    This dress I borrowed from a friend. I find Halsinky Project on Brunswick Street has a great collection of dresses and reasonably priced too.

  4. Ah bless those friends who lend you their clothes! I'll check out Halsinky Project. Have fun with the final week of frocktober!