Monday, October 25, 2010

Last Week of Frocktober

Can't believe I've made it to the home stretch. The frocking up has been fairly easy, the daily blogging not so :P

Anyway today's outfit is yet another on loan from Melody. This must be what it's like to have a stylist source you freebies. Yay!! I am loving these Leona Edminston dresses!! I will certainly be paying a visit to her store soon - that woman knows how to make a fine fitting frock.

I am looking rather sour in this picture despite my sunny surrounds. This is my this-will-do pic after trying several times to get the right lighting, background, dropping the camera, etc. I could not take a reasonable photo today ... my only case of Mondayitis was with my camera so it ain't all bad.

This is the pic of the fabric - so pretty. I felt all swishy and girly today (except when I struggling with the camera). 

Now then, this is the last week to get your donations in, so please please please be generous, head to and use my registration number 680068.


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