Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day #11 Frocktober

Today I had a client meeting so it was ultra-conservative day. Although I did team my outfit with this cute H&M trenchcoat I found at an op shop. I feel a little like Inspector Gadget in this get-up. Go, go gadget 'iPhone! Go, go gadget 'sunnies!

While it wasn't that cold today to wear the light coat all day, I chose the safe but classic nautical theme to meet the new cients - I teamed a nautical knit, black skirt with my trusty nude mary-janes.

Thanks to my lovely friends who responded to my call out for donations to prevent tears and tanties. I hope the rest of you jump on board too. Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation is a great cause plus I need $$ inspiration to wear frocks each day.

Same time, same bat channel
Maryann xx

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