Sunday, October 17, 2010

Days 15-16 Frocktober

Winter is well and truly back. And so is my Winter wardrobe. Yesterday I popped down to the Mornington Peninsula to visit Mr Bug. It's a teeny bit colder down there than the city.

My cashmere stripe knit was not enough to keep the cold at bay - coat was definitely on when we stepped out. Must say I am pleased and a little proud that my hand knitted scarf keeps on giving. It took me forever to knit but I've certainly got my time and moneys worth out of it. Denim pencil skirt, grey woolen tights and blue/grey suede wedges complete the outfit.

Today we went over to Mornington Peninsula Brewery to celebrate Mr Bug's twin brother's birthday. More on that in my next post, but this is what I wore.

This outfit is a mishmash from my travels. Hoodie is from Zara (bought in Croatia), green tights from Top Shop, London, dress was bought in Ireland and the silver shoes were from Mornington Antique Centre. I'm devastated to hear that the antique centre closed down last weekend. Where will I find my priceless goodies? *sobs* This is a sad day for op shopping.

Back to my Frocktober efforts, I managed to raise another $70 for Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. Yay! Don't forget you can help my fund raising efforts by donating at Frocktober and using my registration number 680068.

Until next time...
Maryann xx

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