Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Social Network


I don't normally review films but this one has got me thinking. I enjoyed the Social Network - the snappy dialogue, the structure of the storytelling, the performances. All were pretty impressive. But did it live up to the hype and 5-star reviews? Um .. well no. It was good but it wasn't brilliant!

While I am spending far too much time thinking about the film, it is more other people's reaction that has got me rattled. Is everyone just Fincher/Sorkin fanboys/girls and loving it because it's expected? What's going on? Someone please explain it to me...

Some of Sorkin's creative liberties bugged me - where is Zuckerberg's long term girlfriend? Guess you can't have a misogynist villain if he's in a long term relationship with an intelligent woman. Starting to believe people's criticisms of Sorkin not being able to write female characters. I just don't buy Zuckerberg as an arsehole or even wanna-be arsehole as the film suggests. 

Also where was the emotion? I didn't think the relationship between Zuckerberg and Eduardo was explored enough to set up the emotional betrayal. When Eduardo states in a meeting they were best friends (his only friend), my reaction was really? Oh I thought he was the investor buddy rather than BFFs.
    To me this film was a good look into the world of business; the importance of sound contacts, absolute need to review contracts and seek alternative counsel. It also demonstrated the importance of serendipity coupled with smarts and hard work. Whether you're an entrepreneur, actor or even just a regular Joe Schmo, sometimes being at the right place at the right time, is just as important as the hard work and intelligence it takes to get there.

    I confess I'm now a bit of a Zuckerberg fangirl. I watched this fascinating interview with him at Startup School. You should check it out, especially when he talks about adapting Facebook to the cultural and legal needs of each country and how he's going about getting Facebook into China. To be honest I found this more interesting and eye opening than the film.

    On a side note, I checked out Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook profile and got a real kick to find out we share a mutual friend. So I guess the failings of the film is that I find the real Zuckerberg more captivating.

    Chat later when I post my final Frocktober outfit.

    Maryann xx

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    1. What did you think of Justin Timberlake? (Personally I cannot stand his hostile takeover of the film industry.)