Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day #6 Frocktober

Yes I'm in all black again! I wanted to be all sunny and bright but to no avail. I worked until late last night and crawled out of bed wondering how does a girl dress for a sunny and windy day with top of 17 degrees. So this was my I'm-exhausted and must dress-for-all-seasons approach.

OK I do have a few LBD options in my wardrobe. Isn't that just called a sound investment?

I bought this woolen dress with white piping from a great boutique on Carlisle St in St Kilda - it's called Dollhouse. It's a little odd in shape but that it's appeal to me.

I like teaming this dress with my black/white heels. Unfortunately, I look like a Collingwood supporter but I can assure the rest of the country that won't ever happen.

Now I'm not feeling the love on the sponsorship front. Where is the love people, dear friends? Please help me raise funds for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation by donating and quoting my rego #680068.

I will try for more colour tomorrow and I promise to smile more in the photos rather than looking so serious.

Thanks for visiting.

Maryann xx


  1. If you can sport red and blue I'll give you a tenner!

  2. OK DJ ... the challenge is on. Come up with a Dees inspired outfit. Mr Bug will be most pleased :)