Thursday, December 1, 2011

Salon Effects Fan Girl

I've always been a DIY manicure gal. Occasionally I indulge in a salon visit but generally it's just me on the couch with my nail kit and collection of polishes. Bliss :-)

Earlier this year I was introduced to the houndstooth patterned nails of awesome fashion blogger The Coveted. And so began my love affair with Sally Hansen Salon Effect strips...

Sally Hansen strips come in a variety of patterns; my favourite being Houndstooth and Leopard print. Let me just digress, I ALWAYS get compliments about them. Always! Whether it be paying for a coffee or shaking someone's hand. They get noticed. So much so I've had several people lean across from their neighbouring tables when dining out to ask me how I got my nails that way. 

Now back to business, Sally Hansen have recently released a Christmas range *happy dance* *happy dance* Yay! Check out my new faves Peppermint Twist and Prep's Cool below:

Decisions, decisions. Don't know which to choose first.
There are other brands offering this product including a much cheaper option at Target called glamnails manicure (see glitter examples below). While they are a great cheap alternative, I think Sally Hansen are the more superior brand - I can get 14+ days wear out of them!! Now not all the patterns are great, some in fact are a little hideous, but each to their own.

The glitter nails are fantastic if you want a more subtle look but they are less tacky (feel not look) than other patterns. You may find the nail tips don't stick as well with glitter. My biggest pet peeve is that each pack comes with 16 strips ... Grrrrr! Why not 20?? I really hate marketing ploys like this.

 Anyway, here are a couple of tips on applying the strips:
  • If you're nails are short enough, you can apply one sticker to two nails by flipping them over (that will show them, 16 strips pffft)
  • Use the nail stick to firmly press the strips to adhere onto nails
  • Avoid heating/air con when applying, it dries them out quicker and makes them less pliable
  • Add a top coat to make them last longer (sometimes if the tips are not sticking, you can do this followed by pressing down with the nail stick to help apply to nails)
  • Bendy nail gals may be disappointed as results can vary. Mine typically last over 2 weeks, even with housework and dishes.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects retails for $14.95 and are available from Terry White Chemist and Priceline.

If you have any more tips on how to make them last, please do share them.

Next up on my to-do list is to try the shattered effect on nail polish (or crackle depending on the brand).

GB xx