Monday, March 12, 2012

To shellac or not shellac

Over a month ago I started a new job and obviously wanted to make a good impression. In preparation for my exciting first day, I got a mani-pedi. Rather than waltzing in to my new job with crazy Sally Hansen prints, I opted for a more traditional look.

I've heard about Shellac from a few gals from Twitter and decided to test it out for myself. From the outset, it's a pretty standard experience - you choose a colour, soak/spa, and the manicurist paints your nails with this gel nail polish that looks a little thicker than standard polish. They do need to add 3-4 coats but the polish dries almost immediately so it doesn't take any longer.

So what's the g.o. with shellac-ing? The good, the bad? Here's the lowdown:

* Drys so quickly you don't have to worry about ruining your mani
* It looks so glossy and freshly manicured for longer
* It lasts 2 weeks (I wore mine for over 3 weeks)
* It didn't chip or flake out in that entire time
* I felt like my nails were strengthened with the gel polish (this may be good for ladies with soft nails - please let me know)

* It is more expensive than a standard mani-pedi.
* Removing the polish at home is tough-going. I found these instructions from The Pioneer Woman quite helpful.
* If you get the polish removed at your nail salon, they charge your for it.

So would I do it again? ABSOLUTELY for a manicure!! However, I don't think I'd opt for a pedicure again. Standard pedicures last quite a while for me so there's no benefit in shellacing my toes. Not only is it more exxy but I haven't even attempted to remove the polish from my toes. I think a salon visit is in order for that. *sigh*

Nail salon all over Melbourne are offering this now so be on the look out. Also there are a few groupon deals out there too.

So what about you? Will you shellac?

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Salon Effects Fan Girl

I've always been a DIY manicure gal. Occasionally I indulge in a salon visit but generally it's just me on the couch with my nail kit and collection of polishes. Bliss :-)

Earlier this year I was introduced to the houndstooth patterned nails of awesome fashion blogger The Coveted. And so began my love affair with Sally Hansen Salon Effect strips...

Sally Hansen strips come in a variety of patterns; my favourite being Houndstooth and Leopard print. Let me just digress, I ALWAYS get compliments about them. Always! Whether it be paying for a coffee or shaking someone's hand. They get noticed. So much so I've had several people lean across from their neighbouring tables when dining out to ask me how I got my nails that way. 

Now back to business, Sally Hansen have recently released a Christmas range *happy dance* *happy dance* Yay! Check out my new faves Peppermint Twist and Prep's Cool below:

Decisions, decisions. Don't know which to choose first.
There are other brands offering this product including a much cheaper option at Target called glamnails manicure (see glitter examples below). While they are a great cheap alternative, I think Sally Hansen are the more superior brand - I can get 14+ days wear out of them!! Now not all the patterns are great, some in fact are a little hideous, but each to their own.

The glitter nails are fantastic if you want a more subtle look but they are less tacky (feel not look) than other patterns. You may find the nail tips don't stick as well with glitter. My biggest pet peeve is that each pack comes with 16 strips ... Grrrrr! Why not 20?? I really hate marketing ploys like this.

 Anyway, here are a couple of tips on applying the strips:
  • If you're nails are short enough, you can apply one sticker to two nails by flipping them over (that will show them, 16 strips pffft)
  • Use the nail stick to firmly press the strips to adhere onto nails
  • Avoid heating/air con when applying, it dries them out quicker and makes them less pliable
  • Add a top coat to make them last longer (sometimes if the tips are not sticking, you can do this followed by pressing down with the nail stick to help apply to nails)
  • Bendy nail gals may be disappointed as results can vary. Mine typically last over 2 weeks, even with housework and dishes.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects retails for $14.95 and are available from Terry White Chemist and Priceline.

If you have any more tips on how to make them last, please do share them.

Next up on my to-do list is to try the shattered effect on nail polish (or crackle depending on the brand).

GB xx

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Frocking thanks

Photos by @urbanjin & Mr Bug
The month of frocking up and daily blogging is well and truly over for another year and I wanted to send a belated thank you to everyone for their support. 

With your help I was able to raise a total of $1,754.65 for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. The tally reached by Frockettes all over the country was a whopping $120,000+ (woo hoo! *high five*).

The sad fact remains that 1200 Australian women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer every year. With most diagnosed in the late stage, early detection is the key to changing the statistics. If you would like to know more about the Foundation and their work, please visit:

Stay tuned for non-frock blog posts soon :-)

Maryann/Girlbug xoxo

Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Frocktober finale

I made it! Frocktober comes to a close and I'm super excited with all the donations that came rolling in today. And what a lovely pic to end on. Some random kid walked and happily joined in the pose.

What I wore today: printed mini-dress (Tina Kalivas from Alice Euphemia), black leggings and black patent wedge boots.

I'm expecting a few donations to come in so I will make my $1500 target. A big thanks to everyone who made a donation over the past month; and especially those who donated today - Tamar, Ita, Alex, Tamir, Cheryl and a whopper donation from Anna. w00t!! It's not too late to donate so if you want to support a worthy cause - Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation, click the link below:

I hope you loved the frock pics over the last month. I've had a few contributors but my main stylist/photographer has been @urbanjin. She has done a wonderful job (pho date payment is coming soon). 

The City of Boorandara also rates a mentions.While I loathe your parking inspectors with an undyng passion, I'm surprised by the various locales I've managed to find in such close vicintiy of my work. *snaps* to you.

Au revoir Frocktober!! Bonjour Movember.

Merci beaucoup.

Girlbug xx

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Last Frocktober Weekend Celebration ♥♥

Woo hoo! Last days of Frocktober!! What a blissful weekend. Sudoku, reading, some chores, dining, TV watching, kitty cuddles and pizza making with my ♥ Mr Bug. We also had the most delicious brunch date with @marcusmoments and @starinmelbourne. Do yourself a favour and head to Chez Dre. Best. Breakfast. Platter!

What I wore Sunday: black dress, black leggings, riding boots, black long sleeve top, brown belt, coat and hat. Winter decided to pay us another visit so basically I was trying to keep warm on a cold Melbourne day.

What I wore Saturday: Grey jacket, black and white tee, denim skirt and pink shoes. Mr Bug also bought me this cute bag for my golf clubs so now I can accessorize when going to the driving range. ;-)

I'm now at $1175 so need a few more donations to get me home. You can make a donation to Frocktober for Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation, click on the link below and make a pledge:

One more frock to come...

Girlbug xx

Friday, October 28, 2011

Before the rains came...

Today was super windy and super muggy. Perfect for a work BBQ. Now the thunderstorm has hit and I'm holding fort at my desk while it settles. Three cheers for the weekend!!!

What I wore today: blue silk dress (Espirit), gold ballet shoes and a shawl. My Steve Nicks inspired look.

Big thanks go out to Mel, Ana, Amanda and the Joliff clan for their donations. Super star status goes out to Emma who organised an afternoon tea with her colleagues at ANZ. Thanks guys!!

I'm up to $1155 (woo hoo) so it's my last push til the end of October. You can make a donation to Frocktober for Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation, click on the link below and make a pledge:

Happy frocking and happy weekend!

Girlbug xx

Thursday, October 27, 2011

HAWT heels on a hot day

Not long to go and I've blasted up to $940 in donations. I'll be at $1000 in no time (hint hint, dear friends). A big thank you to Tim, Helen & Jeff, Dianne, Bhavna, Sharon and @Fitzy for their lovely donations *happy dance*

What I wore today: white dress (Country Road and borrowed from Melody), black mesh gloves (a Melbourne gal has gotta wear black somewhere) and the killer heels (Peep Toe). Check out the close up of the shoes below. Hawt, right??

♥♥ these shoes ♥♥
Now who wants to be the special someone that gets me to $1000? Someone out there has got to ♥♥ this look to hand over a bit of ca$hola for a good cause. To make a donation to Frocktober for Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation, click on the link below and make a pledge:

Thanks so much for all your support!! It's really helping me drag my frockin' ass over the line.LOL

Happy frocking and donating!

Girlbug xx