Sunday, October 31, 2010

Final day Frocktober

It's done! It's over! I've made it to the end of Frocktober wearing dresses and skirts every single day. Yay!! I don't have the final tally but I'm pretty certain, I've raised over $500 for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. Thank you to all who supported me this last month.

Today's outfit is a bit of a schamozzle to end on. I headed down to the Peninsula to spend some quality time with Mr Bug and grabbed this dress without realising how much colder the weather was going to be. And didn't bring a jacket either *facepalm*

So I'm ending with a green wrap dress, brown slip dress and brown boots. Basically I look like a lacy tree ... a girly camouflage perhaps :P

If you would like to make a donation for my efforts and help find an early detection test, pretty please do so. You can make donations via PayPal using my rego #680068. Visit, go to the 'donate' page and include my registration number (680068) in the message section. If paying via direct debit, enter my registration number (680068) in the 'reference' field from your internet banking service. Frocktober bank details are listed below:

Account name: Frocktober Inc
BSB: 633000
Account number: 134323187

Thanks again for your support and I will update with total tally as soon as I know.

Maryann xx

The Social Network


I don't normally review films but this one has got me thinking. I enjoyed the Social Network - the snappy dialogue, the structure of the storytelling, the performances. All were pretty impressive. But did it live up to the hype and 5-star reviews? Um .. well no. It was good but it wasn't brilliant!

While I am spending far too much time thinking about the film, it is more other people's reaction that has got me rattled. Is everyone just Fincher/Sorkin fanboys/girls and loving it because it's expected? What's going on? Someone please explain it to me...

Some of Sorkin's creative liberties bugged me - where is Zuckerberg's long term girlfriend? Guess you can't have a misogynist villain if he's in a long term relationship with an intelligent woman. Starting to believe people's criticisms of Sorkin not being able to write female characters. I just don't buy Zuckerberg as an arsehole or even wanna-be arsehole as the film suggests. 

Also where was the emotion? I didn't think the relationship between Zuckerberg and Eduardo was explored enough to set up the emotional betrayal. When Eduardo states in a meeting they were best friends (his only friend), my reaction was really? Oh I thought he was the investor buddy rather than BFFs.
    To me this film was a good look into the world of business; the importance of sound contacts, absolute need to review contracts and seek alternative counsel. It also demonstrated the importance of serendipity coupled with smarts and hard work. Whether you're an entrepreneur, actor or even just a regular Joe Schmo, sometimes being at the right place at the right time, is just as important as the hard work and intelligence it takes to get there.

    I confess I'm now a bit of a Zuckerberg fangirl. I watched this fascinating interview with him at Startup School. You should check it out, especially when he talks about adapting Facebook to the cultural and legal needs of each country and how he's going about getting Facebook into China. To be honest I found this more interesting and eye opening than the film.

    On a side note, I checked out Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook profile and got a real kick to find out we share a mutual friend. So I guess the failings of the film is that I find the real Zuckerberg more captivating.

    Chat later when I post my final Frocktober outfit.

    Maryann xx

    Saturday, October 30, 2010

    Penultimate Frocktober

    Second last day of Frocktober and we've had constant rain today. All day!! I had a lovely lunch with my friend Irena who showed support for Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation by frocking up too! I wish I got a pic of the two of us in our dresses. *facepalm*

    Instead I took a pic with my favourite puppy Bea. Awwww!. After lunch I braved the wet roads and downpour to spend some quality time with Mr Bug on the Peninsula. I'm always greeted by the warmest reception by this naughty dog so I had to snap her giving me cuddles.

    Today's outfit is a summer dress and op shop find cardigan to deal with the warmer weather. The boots were essential to deal with the puddles.

    Tomorrow is the last day of Frocktober. So get your donations in please :)

    You can make donations via PayPal using my rego #680068. Visit, go to the 'donate' page and include my registration number (680068) in the message section. If paying via direct debit, enter my registration number (680068) in the 'reference' field from your internet banking service. Frocktober bank details are listed below:

    Account name: Frocktober Inc
    BSB: 633000
    Account number: 134323187

    Look forward to tomorrow.

    Maryann xx

    Friday, October 29, 2010

    Halloween Frocktober

    I've resurrected Miss Dead USA for a Halloween fancy dress at work. I really wanted to wear this dress at some point this month so I'm super excited.

    My work is running a competition. The costume with the most Likes/Comments wins a prize. Please head over to The Online Circle's Facebook and vote for me. I promise to thank you in my acceptance speech.

    Happy frockin' Halloween


    Thursday, October 28, 2010

    Desperate measures Frocktober

    Thankfully October is nearly over otherwise I would have to start wearing cocktail dresses, evening gowns and even whip out those bridesmaid dresses I've been forced to wear. Not exactly the best work attire. Today's outfit reflects this predicament - not exactly the best work wear unless I was Buffy the Vampire Slayer. A girl can dream.

    Pic by @KimberleyL
    This dress is a Bettiana Liano frock I purchased this year. To be honest I was super surprised to fit in it. Guess those hula hooping classes paid off.

    Anyway it didn't occur to be how flashy this dress was until I met @KimberleyL in Richmond for lunch today. I was all sparkly and WAY overdressed for a bowl of pho.

    Tomorrow is the last work day for Frocktober and I'm a little excited that work is having fancy dress for Halloween. I will be resurrecting my Miss Dead USA Beauty Queen outfit. Can't wait to share that pic with you.

    Thanks again for the late donations coming in. I really appreciate it. You still have a chance to donate, got to and use my registration number 680068.

    Maryann xx

    Wednesday, October 27, 2010

    Last Hump Day for Frocktober

    It seems I have a subconscious love affair with the detective look (or perv flasher) since I have yet another trench coat look. This is a Dizingof dress from a few year back. It's so beautifully made, lined and always confuses people. I have been asked by too many people if I want to take my coat off and hang it up. I usually love their mortified looks when I tell them it's a dress and they feel terrible for thinking otherwise. Ahhh simple pleasures or small things amuse small minds. You decide :P

    Having this outfit pictured in a park, really does make me look like a flasher. My over-sized wayfayers help with my disguise while my silver heels make for easy running in case I need to make a hasty getaway.

    Heels made for running ;)
    A few more days left to donate so please help a lady in a frock out. If you don't want to use PayPal, you can make an electronic transfer directly to Frocktober. The details are below:

    Account name: Frocktober Inc
    BSB: 633000
    Account number: 134323187
    Reference field: 680068 (my id)

    Thanks again for you help.
    Maryann xx

    Tuesday, October 26, 2010

    Day 25 Frocktober

    This navy dress featured in my red & blue Dees inspired outfit but I wanted to wear it again using the colours and accessories that I would normally choose with navy. Nudes!

    Client meeting today so this is a perfectly conservative yet stylish look. Animal print scarf, teamed with dress and nude mary-janes. Let's hope I make a good impression and the client LOVES me!!

    It looks like we're having a Halloween dress-ups at work on Friday. I'm actually looking forward to it as I have an idea brewing that meets the criteria for Frocktober and Halloween.

    Not long to go now...

    Thanks for your support and enouragement.

    Maryann xx

    Monday, October 25, 2010

    Last Week of Frocktober

    Can't believe I've made it to the home stretch. The frocking up has been fairly easy, the daily blogging not so :P

    Anyway today's outfit is yet another on loan from Melody. This must be what it's like to have a stylist source you freebies. Yay!! I am loving these Leona Edminston dresses!! I will certainly be paying a visit to her store soon - that woman knows how to make a fine fitting frock.

    I am looking rather sour in this picture despite my sunny surrounds. This is my this-will-do pic after trying several times to get the right lighting, background, dropping the camera, etc. I could not take a reasonable photo today ... my only case of Mondayitis was with my camera so it ain't all bad.

    This is the pic of the fabric - so pretty. I felt all swishy and girly today (except when I struggling with the camera). 

    Now then, this is the last week to get your donations in, so please please please be generous, head to and use my registration number 680068.


    Sunday, October 24, 2010

    Sunny Sunday

    And the sunshine is back again. Perfect day for catching up with some lovely folks from Twitter. The stripey tee and denim skirt are back, this time teamed up with green tights and black ballet slippers. Just had to snap a pic with another frocked up lady ... introducing Kate Kendall - all frocked up today as hostess for her housewarming party. Thanks to Kate and Tresna (especially for the yummies).

    Kate Kendall and moi
    Earlier today Mr Bug and I had a brunch date with @melburnian and @marcusmoments at Las Chicas. The breakfast buritto beckoned and we were not disappointed. A noms thumbs up. Thanks to the boys for such lovely company.

    Pic by @melburnian
    And big thanks to the boys for sponsoring me in my Frocktober effort too!! One week to go... for last minute donations head over to and use my registration number 680068.

    See you tomorrow
    Maryann xx

    Saturday, October 23, 2010

    Day #22 Frocktober

    Summer weather disappeared as quickly as it came and left us with another cool, crisp day. I didn't leave the house but stuck to my guns and wore a wrap dress, knit and leggings.

    My friend Verity and her mini princess Abbie visited today. We indulged in some afternoon tea. I made Tinkerbell vanilla cupcakes for Abbie while we sipped tea and ate scones (OK we had cupcakes too).

    Almost one week left on Frocktober and I'm nearing the $500 mark in my donations. Will you get me over the line?? Hope you can help. It's a fantastic cause - funds raised go to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation and the search for an early detection test.

    Enjoy your Saturday night.

    Maryann xx

    Friday, October 22, 2010

    Friday Frocktober ...

    Twenty-one days and counting... today Melbourne is getting hit with a mini-summer reaching 29 degrees. So I have reacquainted myself with a summer dress from several years ago. While I love the colours, it's a very tight fit across the chest. I feel like there's a possible wardrobe malfunction on the cards... let's hope this doesn't happen at work.

    If anyone wants this dress before disaster strikes, I'm more than happy to part with it. You do need to wear a slip under it, but apart from that, it's a great little summer outfit. Any $$ will go straight to Frocktober to keep the donations trickling in.

    You have 9 days left to sponsor me... please be generous and tell your friends about it.

    Have a lovely weekend
    Maryann xx

    Thursday, October 21, 2010

    Day #20 Frocktober

    Twenty days!! Wow! The dress wearing doesn't surprise me as much as the daily blogging. Daily blogging is hard. Props to you folks out there who do that all the time.

    Today's little outfit is another dress borrowed from my friend, Melody. Although I may hide it from her for a little while to get a few more wears out of it. It's so cute and very comfy.

    Teamed this number with black heels with a grey toe. I thought I'd keep the stripy theme going to my feet was a nice touch.

    Today I met up with @patriciadodd and @busichic for a ladies lunch. Nice company for a such a lovely sunny day. Yay to Twitter ladies!! The three of us agreed that one of the best things about Twitter was all the lovely women we have met via Twitter. Sorry boys :P

    Anyway, I'm going to ramp up my begging for donations so please, please, please donate at Frocktober and use my registration number 680068.

    Thanks again for your support!
    Maryann xx

    Wednesday, October 20, 2010

    Day #19 Frocktober - Dees inspired

    This look is called Every-heart-beats-true-for-the-red-and-the-blue!! With a little help from my friend Melody, I now have my much sought after dark blue and red outfit. So DJ and other Demon's supporters, I want you to come to the party with donations.

    I think this is a Leona Edminston navy dress. It's a great fit although the low cleavage line is a bit too "how's-it-going" for my liking. However the tie sits nicely enough to hide ... er .. my boobs :P A red belt, shoes and ring finish off my Dees look.

    So DJ - you asked and I delivered! Now's where's my tenner?? Wonder which other Dees supporters will donate? *hint* *hint* 

    To sponsor me, you can either make an online payment at visit, go to the 'donate' page and include my registration number (680068) in the confirmation page. Or make an Electronic Funds Transfer: Enter my registration number (680068) in the 'reference' field from your internet banking service. Account name: Frocktober Inc BSB: 633000 Account number: 134323187

    Thanks guys!!
    Maryann xx

    Step back to Day 17 Frocktober

    After finally winning the battle with my camera technology, I can bring you Monday's Frocktober outfit.

    I really love this outfit. The green knit has black and grey beading which suits my Betty Draper-esque skirt. I teamed this with my favourite black patent boots that I scored on one of my last days in Paris *sigh* I wanna go to Paris now...

    A big thank you to Jasmin Tragas for donating to the Frocktober cause! If you're looking for a little inspiration, you should check out her gorgeous blog Wonderwebby.

    Today's outfit is coming soon...

    Maryann xx

    Tuesday, October 19, 2010

    Day #18 Frocktober

    Yesterday I had a very cute outfit to show you. But my work computer wanted to import ALL of my pics, then I left camera at work and now the battery is dead. Tomorrow's outfit is still coming- you just have to trust me it was a cute one.

    Today's outfit is my attempt to will Spring to come with colour. While the forecast does say Melbourne will have two 25+ degree days. We'll be back into Winter territory again on the weekend. To be honest, I think I will struggle figuring out what to wear for the warmer days. I'm so not used to it.

    Here's today's look...

    Wrap dress, fun colours, no work. Easy!!

    Big thanksto the Barren brothers for sponsoring me on the weekend. I raised another $70 for Frocktober and Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. Yay!! Yay!!

    Until tomorrow
    Maryann xx

    Sunday, October 17, 2010

    Days 15-16 Frocktober

    Winter is well and truly back. And so is my Winter wardrobe. Yesterday I popped down to the Mornington Peninsula to visit Mr Bug. It's a teeny bit colder down there than the city.

    My cashmere stripe knit was not enough to keep the cold at bay - coat was definitely on when we stepped out. Must say I am pleased and a little proud that my hand knitted scarf keeps on giving. It took me forever to knit but I've certainly got my time and moneys worth out of it. Denim pencil skirt, grey woolen tights and blue/grey suede wedges complete the outfit.

    Today we went over to Mornington Peninsula Brewery to celebrate Mr Bug's twin brother's birthday. More on that in my next post, but this is what I wore.

    This outfit is a mishmash from my travels. Hoodie is from Zara (bought in Croatia), green tights from Top Shop, London, dress was bought in Ireland and the silver shoes were from Mornington Antique Centre. I'm devastated to hear that the antique centre closed down last weekend. Where will I find my priceless goodies? *sobs* This is a sad day for op shopping.

    Back to my Frocktober efforts, I managed to raise another $70 for Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. Yay! Don't forget you can help my fund raising efforts by donating at Frocktober and using my registration number 680068.

    Until next time...
    Maryann xx

    Friday, October 15, 2010

    Day #14 Froctober

    Last night I went to MTUB and harrassed the lovely folks there to sponsor me. And they did!! A big $120 of people's drinking money was donated to #Frocktober for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. It was a great night despite my shameless pan-handling. I got to catch up with old friends and met some new peeps. Overall a fun night!!

    Today's outfit is a little black number with a splash of red. Black velvet jacket, another LBD with red belt and red tartan boots with heels so high that I feel light-headed. Believe it or not the dress is from my late teens. I guess it's categorised as vintage now. Over 15 years hidden in my wardrobe and it makes another welcome appearance.

    Perfect wet weather boots
    My cap is a nod to @snarkle and his boys - the boys donated some of their beer money and also harrased their other mates to do the same. They have asked that I wear 2 dresses at once on the final day - I am contemplating whether or not I can achieve this and not look ridiculous. Does a slip count as a dress? Or do I go Susie Bubble creative?

    Before I can decide that, I need to figure out tomorrow's tap dancing outfit. Hmmm...

    Don't forget you can still donate with my rego #680068.

    Happy Friday and have a a fabbo weekend.

    Maryann xx

    Thursday, October 14, 2010

    Day #13 Frocktober

    Another day and yet another season ..maybe. I actually didn't see much of the outside today as I was either glued to my screen or in meetings. But I did think a little colour was the order of the day.

    Red knit with high-waisted denim skirt, purple fishnets and purple ballet shoes. I was also inspired by the lovely Ms @tephdee and donned a head scarf.

    That's all I got for you today. I'm off to MTUB and will be sticking my hand out to collect $$ for the cause.

    Nearing the half way point now... mini-squee

    Maryann xx

    Wednesday, October 13, 2010

    Day #12 Frocktober

    Late post on today's outfit but definitely wearing a dress!! Tody was particularly uninspiring day in the hair department, hence the hat. Rainy day, frizzy hair... solution is to hide :)

    Trusty DKNY dress makes another appearance. The black patent wedge boots came out to deal with today's downpour. I'm having a half slow fashion and half fast fashion day. Boots and dress are brand spanking new while the jacket is an op shop find and the beanie was a hand-me down from a friend (orginally her mum's).

    How odd does my bendy leg look? I'm hoping the freak factor will encourage donations from those with fetishes that we would rather not know about :P

    And while many of you may not have been Rick-rolled in a while, my Rick Astley inspired badges add a little 80s glam to my look.

    Big thank you to Katie and Michaela for donating. If anyone else wants to, please head over to Frocktober and hand over your latte money. Remember my rego number is 680068.

    Cya tomorrow
    Maryann xx

    Tuesday, October 12, 2010

    Day #11 Frocktober

    Today I had a client meeting so it was ultra-conservative day. Although I did team my outfit with this cute H&M trenchcoat I found at an op shop. I feel a little like Inspector Gadget in this get-up. Go, go gadget 'iPhone! Go, go gadget 'sunnies!

    While it wasn't that cold today to wear the light coat all day, I chose the safe but classic nautical theme to meet the new cients - I teamed a nautical knit, black skirt with my trusty nude mary-janes.

    Thanks to my lovely friends who responded to my call out for donations to prevent tears and tanties. I hope the rest of you jump on board too. Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation is a great cause plus I need $$ inspiration to wear frocks each day.

    Same time, same bat channel
    Maryann xx

    Monday, October 11, 2010

    Sunny Day #10 Frocktober

    Suffering a bit of Monday-itis after upgrading my iPhone o/s to 4.1. Big mistake!! There is a bug for reoccuring alarms that makes them go off either an hour early or an hour late. I was woken before six thank to Apple ... grrrr Steve Jobs. Where's the patch already??

    Today the Halsinky cream dress makes another appearance, this time teamed with an animal print scarf and my favourite mary-janes (with faux-ostrich skin).

    The animal prints may be to blame for today's bird attack. I was swooped on by a bird. I squealed and ran to safety. Comraderie among the animal kingdom pffft. I hate birds too.

    Grumpy Monday it is... so please donate to put a smile on my face =D

    A few of you have had trouble with the Paypal option - apparently there is a tiny link when entering your details where you can add a message. It is in this spot that you can add my rego number #680068. Otherwise I recommend the elctornic funds transfer option.

    Until tomorrow
    Maryann xx

    Sunday, October 10, 2010

    Day #9 Frocktober & #MelbGirlsTweetUp

    Today was a rather girly affair - the inaugural #MelbGirlsTweetUp organised by the lovely @misscoca. Thank you for organising Miss Lauren - a perfect Sunday afternoon :)

    This frock is an old favourite that I purchased from a St Kilda store Dot & Herby. It has some lovely clothes, in particular well-fitted dresses.

    @misscoca and her Tweetettes
     The tweet up was held at Madame Brussels - a little place I've been meaning to go to for a while. It did not disappoint. Lovely setting, attentive staff and a great Spring punch menu to choose from. I've heard rave reviews about the mini-sausage rolls but I was too busy chatting away to old and new Twitter friends to think about food.

     There was a fantastic turnout. The Tweetettes kept coming until we took over most of the indoor space - the sun was clearly too harsh for our delicate skins :) Plenty of mingling, chatting and bonding.

    And of course the punch. Yummo! I hope we have another TweetUp there. If not, I do plan on visiting again. Next time, I will try the sausage rolls and pink cupcakes.

    Before I go, I would like to say a big thanks to Chris for donating $100 to #Frocktober. Much appreciated. I'm still on the search for a red/blue outfit to claim the tenner from DJ.

    Until tomorrow ...
    Maryann xx

    Day #8 Frocktober and Octoberfest

    Octoberfest!! Spring struck with full force on Saturday and after a busy week of work, Mr Bug and I were keen to check out the Octoberfest at The Local Taphouse.

    It was an uninspired choice of dresses today - red and cream wrap dress. I need to wear a slip under this dress because the slightest breeze causes me unwanted attention when it flies open *sigh* and of course I forgot to do that *double sigh*

    Back to the beer. The Local Taphouse has a great selection of beer and Octobefest celebrations were in full swing when we arrived. There were 20 beers on tap so I opted for a paddle. My choices were:

    1. Weltenburger Kloster Hefeweiss Hell
    2. Schofferhoffer Hereweizen
    3. Weltenburger Kloster Barock Dunkel
    4. 4 Pines Kolsch
    5. Moo Brew Hereweizen
    Mr Bug sampled the 3 Ravens Octoberfest. I really enjoyed all the beers I tasted. I think my 2 favourites were the Dunkel and Kolsch and the least impressive was the Schofferhoffer Hereweizen - not that it was bad. I just preferred the other more pronounced flavours more.

    While I enjoyed the beers, I was STARVING! The bratwurst and chili frites were the perfect treat to accompany my collection of beers :)

    Another beer on tap was the Red Hill Weizenbock. We didn't stick around to sample the beer at the pub, however we did break open a bottle at home. Deeee-licious!

    While Saturday was all about sunshine, beer and blokes... Sunday was another story. Check out next post - a more dignified affair :)


    Friday, October 8, 2010

    Day #7 Frocktober

    Casual Friday... I usually attempt this look with skinny jeans when I want to pretend to be in the band Ratcat. I'm sure Simon Day would be proud. I wonder if he would sponsor me if he saw this homage??

     Frocktober is the best excuse to rock this look with black/white fishnets. And my boots could stake a vamp - just in case I get in that predicament.

    To add a teeny tiny splash of colour to yet another black/white outfit, I've added my hot pink button to basically state the obvious "I run like a girl". I might have to wear this button to Monday Night Running Club if I ever get back there. The green ring was a nice find in the Marc Jacobs Accessory store in New York. I remember lots of pretty people being rude to all the customers. And of course shopping intoxication with Melody. Fond memories!!

     Yesterday I was challenged to wear a red and blue outfit. After ransacking my home which also included moving furniture and the TV, I found that my only red/blue dress was long given away to charity. I hate it when I do that. Don't fret DJ!! I'm getting that $10 off you ... the search is on. Wait and see.

    I'm open to other challenges for donations too. Get creative, send it to me and let's see what I can do. In the meantime, if anyone spots a red/blue dress anywhere, ping me!

    Maryann xx

    Thursday, October 7, 2010

    Day #6 Frocktober

    Yes I'm in all black again! I wanted to be all sunny and bright but to no avail. I worked until late last night and crawled out of bed wondering how does a girl dress for a sunny and windy day with top of 17 degrees. So this was my I'm-exhausted and must dress-for-all-seasons approach.

    OK I do have a few LBD options in my wardrobe. Isn't that just called a sound investment?

    I bought this woolen dress with white piping from a great boutique on Carlisle St in St Kilda - it's called Dollhouse. It's a little odd in shape but that it's appeal to me.

    I like teaming this dress with my black/white heels. Unfortunately, I look like a Collingwood supporter but I can assure the rest of the country that won't ever happen.

    Now I'm not feeling the love on the sponsorship front. Where is the love people, dear friends? Please help me raise funds for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation by donating and quoting my rego #680068.

    I will try for more colour tomorrow and I promise to smile more in the photos rather than looking so serious.

    Thanks for visiting.

    Maryann xx

    Wednesday, October 6, 2010

    Day #5 Frocktober

    The weather is expected to be wet and windy today so I opted for a Melbourne traditional black look. A little uninspired, yes but with a late night at Social Media Club, it was the best I can rustle up.

    I thought I'd let my ankle boots and stockings add the inspiration and colour for Day 5 of frocking up.

    If you would like more information about why I'm doing this, please visit either Frocktober or the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation.

    Hoping you will support my effort and donate using my registration #680068.

    See you tomorrow.

    Tuesday, October 5, 2010

    Day #4 Frocktober

    Another lovely spring day and another dress for Frocktober. This little number is another Halsinky Project goodie. I really like teaming it with a red belt.

    I got my very first $25 donation from @mellygoround. Apparently there is a little trick to doing the PayPal donations. There is a link on the page that will give you the option to leave a message, it is here that you can enter my registration number 680068. Let me know if you have any trouble.

    Now what will I wear tomorrow??

    Monday, October 4, 2010

    Day #3 Frocktober

    First day back to work after daylight savings and back to school. I was worried this may cause a little lateness especially with the extra task of taking pics of outfit before heading out. I have no idea how fashion bloggers do this everyday.
     So viola ... here's the work outfit. Can't go wrong with a pencil skirt, can you?
    This is a new silk top I got from Halsinky Project in Brunswick Street. I love this store. Not only am I biased because my friend Vang owns it, but it also has some smoking hot little dresses.
    The outfit is completed with my go-to mary-janes. I've had these shoes for some years now and I may just cry if the heel ever breaks.

    Just a reminder if you make a donation to sponsor me, please quote my registration number - 680068.

    I will try and be diligent in my blogging.

    See you tomorrow
    Maryann xx