Friday, October 15, 2010

Day #14 Froctober

Last night I went to MTUB and harrassed the lovely folks there to sponsor me. And they did!! A big $120 of people's drinking money was donated to #Frocktober for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. It was a great night despite my shameless pan-handling. I got to catch up with old friends and met some new peeps. Overall a fun night!!

Today's outfit is a little black number with a splash of red. Black velvet jacket, another LBD with red belt and red tartan boots with heels so high that I feel light-headed. Believe it or not the dress is from my late teens. I guess it's categorised as vintage now. Over 15 years hidden in my wardrobe and it makes another welcome appearance.

Perfect wet weather boots
My cap is a nod to @snarkle and his boys - the boys donated some of their beer money and also harrased their other mates to do the same. They have asked that I wear 2 dresses at once on the final day - I am contemplating whether or not I can achieve this and not look ridiculous. Does a slip count as a dress? Or do I go Susie Bubble creative?

Before I can decide that, I need to figure out tomorrow's tap dancing outfit. Hmmm...

Don't forget you can still donate with my rego #680068.

Happy Friday and have a a fabbo weekend.

Maryann xx


  1. Awesome result from the pan handling. Well done. Adore the boots. They can't possibly be comfortable?

  2. Thanks! Add 2 foot cushions in the boot and they are perfectly comfortable. Add only one, then I struggle :P

  3. love your frock-tacular month for a good cause! Inspiring

  4. Thanks Jasmin! *puts pan-handling hat on* Don't forget to donate =D