Friday, October 21, 2011

Why this isn't exactly cheating on Frocktober...

So there are 10 days to go until Frocktober ends and I'm becoming a little like Jesus; instead I'm trying to turn 5 dresses into 10. 

Now you may argue that I'm wearing are shirt today... BUT this a shirt dress (see what I did there). Plus I'm of the leggings-are-not-pants faith so I would never be caught wearing my legging as pants unless I'm exercising (so hardly ever, right?). Furthermore if Mr Bug leaves a shirt lying around at my place, my kingdom, my domain I can do with it what I choose... in this instance, I team it with leggings, boots and accessories and call it a shirt dress. w00t!!

While this look was pieced together in desperation, I kinda like it and will be wearing it again. Mr Bug may have to wait to get his shirt dress back. ;-)

10 days to make donation. Click on the link below and make a pledge: . All proceeds go to Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation.

More frocks come!

Girlbug xx

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