Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday-itis Frocktober

First Monday after daylight saving kicks in is never a good day, especially if you're a not-so-proud owner of an iPhone. My alarm didn't go off this morning because my time reverted back an hour. *sigh* With a client meeting scheduled later that afternoon, I needed to look smart not disheveled and manic. I chose a Leona Edmiston long sleeve floral dress with black opaques and black heels. Simple, classic and easy to wear.

Now if only the iPhone with that simple and easy. I had to change my time setting to manual as it either jumped an hour forward or backward throughout the morning. Back to looking disheveled and manic again. LOL.

Frock pattern

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Thanks to Ben and Star for kicking thing$ off. Much love guys xx

Stay tuned for more frocks.

Girlbug xx

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