Thursday, October 20, 2011

I ♥ Stripey Frocktober

Leg less
I ♥ this dress! I bought it a few weeks ago but this is the first time I have worn it. Fits nicely, perfect for warm days and so comfy. Have I told you I LOVE IT? Don't be surprised if it makes a reappearance.

What I wore today: striped dress (Urban by Target) with sandal wedges. And sneaky little paparazzi shot of my shy kitty, B'Elanna.

Big shout out to Kirsten and Hank for their generous donations!! Woo hoo... close to $400.

Starting the countdown - 11 days to make donation. Give a gal a hand. Click on the link below and follow the prompts: . All proceeds go to Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation.

More frocks come!

Girlbug xx

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