Sunday, October 9, 2011

Weekend Frocktober

Mr Bug is a keen golfer. I'm not. Although we've been talking about hitting the Albert Park Driving Range. Sorting a frock outfit was a little difficult especially since I had to work around the pink flat shoes (Mr Bug's recommendation for adequate golf shoes). Plus it had to serve as dinner wear. 

I have to admit, I was pretty happy with the outfit once the necklace was added. And I was super excited to not be totally crap at golf. I managed to connect with the ball, hit reasonably straight and hit over 75 meters fairly regularly. Yay!! We're planning another golf date soon :)

What I wore for Saturday golfing: black knit dress (unknown), grey tights (Target), hot pink shoes (Top Shop) and necklace (not sure of brand but was purchased in the Flinders Street Station underpass - fantastic shops down there).

Unfortunately winter is back and today was chilly market run day. South Melbourne Market are also right near my fave breakfast spot. I've been heading to Chez Dre without Mr Bug so it was time to take him there. Deliciousness ensued, followed by my grocery shop.
What I wore today: black and white stripey t-shirt (Urban by Target), denim pencil skirt (Ojay), leggings, black patent boots and black velvet jacket.

So I've managed a full week of dresses (and skirts) and now must rally friends and readers to get on board and sponsor me. You can make a donation at Give generously - Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation is a fantastic cause.

Stay tuned for week 2 of frocks.

Girlbug xx

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