Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Frocktober Tuesday shenanigans

Well there's no better way to end a meeting than with a little afternoon shenanigans. Thanks former Premier Cain for being a big supporter of Frocktober. Who knew, right? And a special thanks to Anna Jones for capturing that special moment :-)

What I wore today: black tank top (Jag), yellow belt (Halsinky Project, Brunswick Street Fitzroy), skirt (who knows where I bought this?), black opaques and black Mary-janes (can they be called vintage if I bought these over 15 years ago?).

Close up of belt

A big thanks to Peach for being an early bird sponsor *hugs* to you!!

Now for the rest of you... well you can show your support by clicking on the Sponsor Me button to the right or simply go to http://www.everydayhero.com.au/girlbug.

Stay tuned for more frocks.

Girlbug xx

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