Friday, October 28, 2011

Before the rains came...

Today was super windy and super muggy. Perfect for a work BBQ. Now the thunderstorm has hit and I'm holding fort at my desk while it settles. Three cheers for the weekend!!!

What I wore today: blue silk dress (Espirit), gold ballet shoes and a shawl. My Steve Nicks inspired look.

Big thanks go out to Mel, Ana, Amanda and the Joliff clan for their donations. Super star status goes out to Emma who organised an afternoon tea with her colleagues at ANZ. Thanks guys!!

I'm up to $1155 (woo hoo) so it's my last push til the end of October. You can make a donation to Frocktober for Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation, click on the link below and make a pledge:

Happy frocking and happy weekend!

Girlbug xx

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