Sunday, October 30, 2011

Last Frocktober Weekend Celebration ♥♥

Woo hoo! Last days of Frocktober!! What a blissful weekend. Sudoku, reading, some chores, dining, TV watching, kitty cuddles and pizza making with my ♥ Mr Bug. We also had the most delicious brunch date with @marcusmoments and @starinmelbourne. Do yourself a favour and head to Chez Dre. Best. Breakfast. Platter!

What I wore Sunday: black dress, black leggings, riding boots, black long sleeve top, brown belt, coat and hat. Winter decided to pay us another visit so basically I was trying to keep warm on a cold Melbourne day.

What I wore Saturday: Grey jacket, black and white tee, denim skirt and pink shoes. Mr Bug also bought me this cute bag for my golf clubs so now I can accessorize when going to the driving range. ;-)

I'm now at $1175 so need a few more donations to get me home. You can make a donation to Frocktober for Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation, click on the link below and make a pledge:

One more frock to come...

Girlbug xx

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