Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Frocktober finale

I made it! Frocktober comes to a close and I'm super excited with all the donations that came rolling in today. And what a lovely pic to end on. Some random kid walked and happily joined in the pose.

What I wore today: printed mini-dress (Tina Kalivas from Alice Euphemia), black leggings and black patent wedge boots.

I'm expecting a few donations to come in so I will make my $1500 target. A big thanks to everyone who made a donation over the past month; and especially those who donated today - Tamar, Ita, Alex, Tamir, Cheryl and a whopper donation from Anna. w00t!! It's not too late to donate so if you want to support a worthy cause - Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation, click the link below:

I hope you loved the frock pics over the last month. I've had a few contributors but my main stylist/photographer has been @urbanjin. She has done a wonderful job (pho date payment is coming soon). 

The City of Boorandara also rates a mentions.While I loathe your parking inspectors with an undyng passion, I'm surprised by the various locales I've managed to find in such close vicintiy of my work. *snaps* to you.

Au revoir Frocktober!! Bonjour Movember.

Merci beaucoup.

Girlbug xx

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