Monday, July 27, 2009

Tea, sweets & vampire kisses

This is what occurs when one overindulges in cakes, scones, crepes, tarts and ice-cream at the Windsor Hotel High Tea. Yes, that's me in a self-induced 'sugar'-coma. Oh the joy! Oh the joy! :P

To celebrate a relationship milestone, BF & I decided to check into the Windsor Hotel & check out their Sunday afternoon High Tea. Nowadays, high tea often refers to an elaborate afternoon tea rather than supper or 'meat' tea as it was traditionally known. Regardless, it was still lovely to sit in the Grand Ballroom and wonder which Melbournians & out-of-towners have also dined here. After all, the hotel has been serving afternoon tea since 1883.

We joined a handful of couples (maybe 6 men in total) & scores of women folk in celebrating an old Windsor Hotel tradition. So I donned my DKNY dress (now a wardrobe staple) & tried to remember not to place my elbows on the table, not speak with my mouth full or slurp or make any loud noises. Also you must be very polite to your servers. I succeeded in being polite to our waiter (yay 1-for-me) and also managed to NOT talk with my mouth full... well, only because I was completely engrossed with the delightful treats on offer. Seriously, who can talk when you're mesmerized by scones, cream & chocolatey treats?? Not me!! I did however break the hold long enough to Twitpic which I'm certain breaks many etiquette rules. *droolz* Oh well... too bad.

Oh the choices at High Tea

Round 2...

Looking back on the pics does give me a slight sugar headache hehehe.

BF & I also took in a late night horror treat at MIFF on Saturday night. Nothing screams romance more than a Korean Catholic priest who becomes a vampire, develops sexual urges, covets his best friend's wife & she becomes a blood thirsty psycho. No? Doesn't it sound like fun?? Well it was!! Bloody, gory & hilarious! With a running time of 133 minutes, Thirst was a tad too long. I've give it 3 1/2 stars ... it made me laugh, it made me squirm & the whole journey was awesome. I just wish it did it more succinctly. Check out a Screen Daily review for more details or watch the trailer below:

Hope to see some more films at MIFF this year. Any suggestions, do let me know. Before I go, how crazy was it that the MIFF website was hacked by the Chinese for not withdrawing "The 10 Conditions of Love" from the Festival. "The 10 Conditions of Love" is a documentary about the exiled Uighur leader Rebiya Kadeer. Festival dirctor Richard Moore was contacted by the Chinese Consulate last Friday demanding the film be withdrawn and wanting justification for its inclusion. Obviosuly, such a request was declined (Yay!! Mr Moore). It appears the Chinese governments efforts to squash this little film & the minority group it represents have backfired with programmers around the world contacting the Festival Director for their chance to screen the film too. Chinese government did succeed in withdrawing the Chinese films from the Festival. It's an interetsing display of bullying and censorship in action. I hope it's not a sign of things to come.

GB xo

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