Sunday, July 5, 2009

Mornington Peninsula bliss

After a crazy busy week at work with some 5am start times, filming a DVD plus keeping on top of other work, it was so wonderful to head down to Shoreham for the weekend. I was EXHAUSTED by Friday afternoon so had a sense of déjà vu when I was walking down the street in the rain dragging my little wheelie bag. Lugging that bag plus my giant Mimco handbag from tram to train to car with my weary body... made me feel like I was back in Europe :( Oh well... it was a weekend away.

And what a relaxing weekend away it was. Spooks marathon, cuddles with a cheeky puppy (& BF of course), a local footy match in the rain & plenty of delicious food. BF's mum was super super nice & made us a mouth watering lasagna (yes we're spoilt :P). I made a sweet potato, ricotta, pecan & baby spinach salad. The lasagna had black olives throughout the sauce & worked so well with the salad. It was a perfect match *droolz*. Must make that combo again.

After lazing about & eating til our ♥'s content all weekend, we decided to take Bea, the crazy puppy for a walk along the beach. With dreary, grey weather since Friday, it was good fortune to have the sun shining as we headed out for a walk. Beautiful weather, beautiful beach... exhausted as Bea walked me. My arm was almost yanked out of its socket several times. En route home, I was glad that Bea led me up the hill hehehe.

So I have an early start again tomorrow. Pick up at 6am *weeps* although it should be our last day of filming tomorrow (fingers crossed anyway). This week I will be counting down the days til pay day. I've been lusting after this bag by Melbourne designer Lulki. This week it will be mine... all mine!! Ok yes I have to wait delivery... but then it will be mine... all mine!!

BTW I'm loving the quality of photos from my Jesus phone. They do not look like a camera phone, do they?

Enjoy your week. Later peeps

GB xoxo

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