Tuesday, July 14, 2009

An Inconvenient Lock Out

What a super fantastic start to the week I've had. Thanks to **spirit fingers** Just Jack at the c word, I nabbed an invite to the launch of Safe Climate Australia. Al Gore was the keynote speaker for the launch. I'm still pinching myself I was in the same room as him. He was such an inspirational speaker. I'm really excited about the possibilities & opportunities that will come from tackling the climate crisis.

Unfortunately this was the only shot I got of the man himself. I was half tempted to rush over to him like the rest of the crowd but had an appointment on the other side of town to get to. I didn't like my chances of battling it out with 1000 other guests for cabs at Docklands.

So check out the Safe Climate Australia website for more information. SCA are a non-government organisation which plans to mobilise all the scientific, technological, economic and political expertise to tackle the problem of climate change. There is plenty to do to keep the world & us safe, so sign up or donate or educate others if interested.

Lovely sunset in Elwood after being locked out of house

*sigh* I must say I peaked way too early this week. GirlBug world came crashing down to reality with a thud ... computer crashes, wedding dramas (not mine), doctor enforced diet (oh dear lord, my 1st ever diet) and getting locked out of my house. Ahhhh a comedy of errors really. Can't wait til Friday when I can dance my 'troubles' away Burlesque style at Verity's hen night. This should be fun, no matter how uncoordinated I am when it comes to choreographed moves.

Later peeps

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