Sunday, December 27, 2009

Oh wow, Cassie! Lovely!

I'm openly admitting my girl crush on Cassie Ainsworth from Skins Season 1 & 2. Cassie may be old news in Skins world but I had the pleasure of watching Skins Season 2 recently after falling in love with her years ago in Season 1. *sigh*

She has always been one of my favourite characters on the show. Her smile, her kookiness and even her eating disorder (probably the most realistic depiction of the bizarre relationship people can develop with food to control their self worth). Cassie is complex, heart warming, charming, sweet, completely nutty and disarmingly astute when it come to her friends and relationships around her.

I didn't eat for three days so I can be lovely - Cassie, Skins

And best of all, she has a killer wardrobe. Apparently, Hannah Murray the actress who so lovingly plays Cassie used her own wardrobe; vintage dresses & skirts, t-shirts with cute prints, lurex socks/tights, Mary Janes and t-bar flats, oversized sunnies and an amazing collection of hair clips. Her first appearance cemented my favour when she teamed a glittery mini-dress with tuxedo tails.

If you haven't caught this show yet, WATCH IT NOW!! Season 3 has a new cast but that hasn't let the quality slide at all. The only sadness is that Cassie is no longer there to inspire me with her beautiful and whimsical UK style. And if you feel you need a little more Cassie inspiration, check out this funny but cute how-to so you can Be-like-Cassie-from-Skins. Enjoy

Happy holidays,
GB xoxo

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