Monday, July 20, 2009

Revenge of the Nerd... I hope

So I feel a little bit like 'Josie Grossie" from Never Been Kissed. Not the "Smokin' hot babe who wins the boy" at the end of the movie. No, not her... the pre transformation one. The one wearing glasses & braces, has acne and is either weezing or sucking on her Ventolin. OK so maybe that's a slight exageration but it's pretty close. *weeze*

I've been on this crazy-ass diet for a week now to determine what food intolerance I have. Last week I tested for allergies and didn't react overtly to anything but I did react slightly to certain foods. So for 4 weeks I cannot have caffeine, wine, breads, olives, onion, etc, most vegetables, all fruits except pears, most spices, drinks, nuts, oils, OK most food and no dairy products but thank god for rice milk. This is torture for a good old ethnic girl who only ever listened to her mother when she said "eat more". Luckily I can eat meats, potato, rice and more importantly I can have gin & tonic!! Liquid diet it is then :P

I discovered that food is the second most common cause for nasal & sinus congestion. It's taken 34 years to discover this fact but finally I may put an end to this constant cycle of illness... the sniffles, then sore throat & viola a chest infection... Not only am I tackling this with crazy-ass diet but I have an arsenal of WMD's.. yes that's right... Weapons of Mucus Destruction. See my pretty babies below.

Results so far are: 6 days of headaches (gone now), hunger (from not knowing what to eat then just putting off eating - my fault), grumpiness/anger/irritable (my poor BF) because I'm hungry but best of all.... I'm congestion-free (almost). However I must bitch about how bad, bad, bad flavourless toothpaste is. GAG!! EEEK!! Day 7 has been pretty good as I finally figured out what to have for lunch... Mountain Bread. Lunch was always my stumbling block. I wouldn't eat it cos I didn't know what to eat, I'd get hungry, then angry and then headaches. I really am so predictable. How disappointing!

Moving onto the the not-so-predictable. My lovely friend Verity chose to go to a Burlesque class for her Hen's night party on the weekend. I was a little hesitant. Choreographed movements & I don't go so well together. However this was quite a bit of fun!! Thanks to Bottoms Up Burlesque on Brunswick for a fun night out with the gals. Two surprising outcomes from the night:

1. I successfully completely a short choreographed routine. Like wow! Seriously!
2. I surprisingly had a great time using a feather boa.

Highly recommend it for a night out!! And am considering further classes. Check out our moves below:

The Lady of the hour, Miss V

Strike a pose

Best get some ZZzzzZzzZzzZz's now. Plenty of work to do the rest of the week along with my arduous nasal routine & diet. Dear lord *shakes fist to sky* this better work.

Later peeps
GB xoxo

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