Monday, February 1, 2010

This little piggy went to the Peninsula

Last Tuesday we 'celebrated' Australia Day commemorating the day the British came to this fair land. And although I worked the Monday, we basically had a 4-day weekend. I trotted down to the Mornington Peninsula to spend some time with the boyfriend and enjoy my surrounds.

I cannot praise the Morninton Peninsula enough! If you ever get a chance, head down there. Enjoy the food and wine, the beautiful beaches, the views and the peace (especially if you stick to the Western Port).

Basically I was a piglet and ate.

Brunch at the Somers General Store followed by a beach walk.

Somers General Store does have a breakfast menu but we've yet to get there early enough to sample it. It looks pretty simple but that's half the appeal. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day so I really want to sample it, but I must stress the lunch menu is pretty good though. Although many praise the merits of Merricks General Store (and it does deserve it), I do prefer heading to Somers General Store instead. The food is a bit simpler with fish and chips, fritattas, Caesar salad, burgers, curries and other gourmet deli treats. The decor is quaint with local finds and signs decorating the premises. Another bonus is it has a general store so you can breeze in, get your papers and milk then stick around for a coffee and tasty treat.

I opted for the ocean trout and asparagus frittata while Ben went with the Caesar Salad. We also shared a bowl of fat chips. Neither of us were disappointed with our choices. I must note the salad came out with a blanket of bacon much to the delight of Ben (and me.. I snuck a bite). The portions are not overwhelming so it's the perfect spot for a light and scrumptious lunch.

If you do overeat, I highly recommend the walk along Somers Beach. But don't overdo it, because the stairs back up can be a killer :P

Late lunch at the super cool Red Hill Brewery. Yummy beer and yummy food. Go there! I insist.

After putting in a few hours of work on the computers, the tummy grumbles forced us to head out in search of food. Initially, we were searching for the best-pie-in-the-world my boyfriend has ever eaten.  Quite possibly he's making this up to taunt me because once again, we haven't been able to find the place.

Instead, we hit the Red Hill Brewery. They tweeted they were opening extended hours today so we always knew we'd be heading there... just not to eat. I'm glad we did as I sampled the delicious Brewers Ploughmans plate. You can quite easily share this plate but I was in a greedy mood and didn't let Ben have too many helpings (serves him right for pie-teasing).

Lunch at Pier 10 Vineyard

Each time we drive by Pier 10, Ben suggests we should go there as the food is pretty fine. We drive by this place quite a bit... so finally the gods smiled on us and we ventured out for more yummies.

Thankfully there weren't too many crowds during the public holiday so we were able to claim a table on the outdoor decking. It was a beautiful day and the view was divine. Plus they had a 2-piece band playing and as delightful as the tunes sounded, it may have been a little too loud inside to enjoy such a delicious lunch.

We were both on a fish diet after consuming the largest King Island T-bone steaks the night before. A light seafood lunch was definitely the way to go. I chose a grilled fillet of snapper served with panzanella salad drizzled with gazpacho while Ben chose the fish and chips. Once agin, we nailed it with our choices ... happy drool-worthy lunch followed by a shared dessert of flourless chocolate cake. I must admit the dessert defeated me. I could only manage a few mouthful so all credit to finishing off the cake goes to the man *bows down*

To combat the overindulgence, a couple of hours of wanderings through Ashcombe Maze was in order. I've been asking Ben to take me here for ever!! And he finally did. Yay! Enjoy some of the piccies below.

Despite all the glorious food we consumed on the weekend, this was my favourite spot. I felt like I stepped into a fairy tale. And with all the gnomes and fairies hidden in the trees, how could you not think you were in a C.S. Lewis world? If you have kids or simply are a big kid, head down to Shoreham and check it out. Mind you, the walk through the maze is a tight squeeze, so unless you're a child or a stick thin model... remember to breath in!!

All the locations are listed below. Pay them a visit if you're in the hood.

GB xoxo

Somers General Store
2 The Boulevard
Somers VIC, 3927
Ph: 03 5983 2070

Red Hill Brewery
88 Shoreham Rd
Red Hill South VIC, 3937

Ph: 03 5989 2959 

Pier 10 Vineyard
10 Shoreham Road
Shoreham VIC, 3916
Ph:  03 5989 8848

Ashcombe Maze
15 Station Road
Shoreham VIC, 3916
Ph: 03 5989 8387

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