Tuesday, February 9, 2010

3 hour voyage without Gilligan

Last Saturday I was lucky to be invited for a lovely day of sailing on the bay. It was a chance for the team behind the Run for a Safe Climate to reunite and reminisce. We boarded a 60-foot catamaran named Pelican 1 and set sail from Docklands.

Melbourne put on a super fine day too. Strong wind warnings were issued and although it was fairly choppy heading out Brighton way, it was such a gorgeous day to be out on the water.

Due to the wind factor, I opted to wear long pants, long sleeved white kaftan with hat, sunnies, sandals and a tonne of sunscreen. Not one millimeter of sunburn to report so yay me!!

I've never seen my city from that vantage point, so when I spotted St Kilda Pier and Point Ormond - two significant spots for my beau and I... well I squealed with glee.

No seasickness to report... although I do think the crew mistook my pasty white skin and clumsiness as seasickness, twice offering to assist me and even get me a bucket. Err... thanks but no :)

Pelican does some amazing work promoting environmental awareness and indigenous culture. You can read more about their work here.

Hope you enjoy the happy snaps. I'm heading to Sydney this weekend for a wedding plus plan to spend an entire day lounging around Bondi Beach. Be prepared for more pics coming your way.

GB xoxo

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