Monday, January 4, 2010

Another decade bites the dust

Happy New Year folks! Hope the new year and new decade brings you much good fortune and happiness (and not too much from the flip side).

Ben and I eased into the New Year in a fairly relaxed manner after a swim and the cool change hit; a few beers, a little dancing, bag pipes (uh-huh I don't lie) and tasty treats with family and friends. Nice and relaxed *happy sigh*

As for New Year's Resolutions, I haven't really made any except a left over one from last year - finish the damn food intolerance diet so I can just get on with normal eating minus the stuff that makes me sick.

Take care & have fun in Twenty-10
GB xoxo


  1. What an awesome photograph :D
    My sparkler attempts have never been so successful. hehe

  2. Oh thank you. It took a few attempts and I was wearing away the patience of the boyfriend hehehe