Thursday, July 15, 2010

Longshot ... more like a sure bet

@Melburnian, @Marcusmoments & moi. 
Last week I wrangled an invite to the launch of Matilda Bay's new dark ale beer Longshot at Toby's Estate in Brunswick. Thanks to @liquidideas and @hierohero for pulling some strings. Although I was terribly late to proceedings, I had a wonderful time and tasted some delicious treats and Matilda Bay beers.

Matilda Bay head brewer Scott Vincent was leading the tasting and gave us an insight into the beer brewing process. I'm disappointed I missed the start of the evening as Mr. Vincent was a fascinating speaker; it's not everyday you get a chance to hear how a product is created from start to finish. You can sneak a peak into a brewer's daily life by following this gent on Twitter. Check him out ... @matildabaybeer

So this was the menu on offer. Careful not to drool...

You have no idea how devastated I was to find out I had missed out on the lamb cutlet paired with Matilda Bay's Bohemian Pilsner!! Especially when everyone thought it was necessary to tell me how PERFECT it was!! What is wrong with people?? Don't they know teasing ethnic girls about food is dangerous ... for them ;)*stomp* *stomp*

Anyway my hissy fit is over as I remind myself that I was indeed late and only have myself to blame (kinda grrr).

I'm certain they left the best till last despite what my previous hissy fit may imply. Of course it was the best! This was the reason why we were all there - the belle of the ball, the centre of attention; Matilda Bay's Longshot coffee beer matched with a dark chocolate and Longshot tiramisu. For this particular beer, Vincent collaborated with gourmet coffee roaster Toby Smith creating a full flavoured dark ale with hints of coffee and malt, finished with subtle hop bitterness. Hmmm nom nom nom

Given my current dietary restrictions where I've discovered diary and chocoloate ain't so good for my body, I ignored the warning signs and dove right in.

One sip ... "Wow" ... speechless.

I've never had a beer so perfectly match a chocolate dessert before. The pairing was divine and as the beer warmed a little, it had an even smoother taste. I cannot wait to pair this with a beef dish. Still um-ing and ah-ing about which to choose. Suggestions are more than welcome.

What a fantastic evening - great food, wonderful company and a delicious selection of beers. What more could a gal ask for? Thanks to Matilda Bay, Liquid Ideas, Toby's Estate, and especially Scott Vincent and Toby Smith - such a pleasure to meet two gentlemen passionate about their respective crafts.

If you're interested in treating your taste buds, Longshot is available from Dan Murphy's in a limited release of 5000 cases.  Go forth and spend $$.

Oh .. a huge thank you to the star photographer of the evening Mr @Melburnian and for letting me use your pics on my blog *hugs*

Going to bed now ... night xx

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  1. Now you have got me interested. Sounds like you had a bit of a slip up being late.
    Have you had a chance to try the "Longshot" with anything else? I think it could be a little strange with something savoury, love to hear what you have found. I also see that you have been to the Colonial Brewery in Margaret River, love the picutres of you and the cows, which was your favourite cow and beer there? I liked the black "Couch Cow". I know there Porter would have been closest to the Long shot but I think my favourite has to be the Whitbeer on a wram summers day and the IPA on the cooler days.
    Thank you for sharing and bringing a new beer to my atttention.