Friday, May 28, 2010

Hope you like beef

Recently Mr Bug and I got back from a trip to WA. We attended a wedding in Perth but that's another post.  While over there, we made it our business to head down south to Margaret River, a stunning place that neither of us had ever been to. And one thing that is particularly striking about the Margaret River region is all the damn COWS!! Not real ones but they do have those too. Instead the 100+ cows all painted and decorated by local artists as part of CowParade.

CowParade is currently on display in Margaret River until June 2010. So what the hell is CowParade, I hear you ask? Well it's only the largest public art exhibitions in the WORLD!! 

Now I have to admit I hadn't heard about this wonderful project until a few weeks ago when "cow pushed out to sea" popped up on my Twitter stream. I clicked on the link and prepared to rage against animal cruelty. Lucky for me, I just giggled at the prankster who with bolt cutters in hand, 'cownapped' a public art display and sent it floating in the Indian Ocean. For a chuckle, check out the story on Perth Now.

Having now spent time in Margaret River, I love the cows even more. CowParade has been around since 1999 starting in Chicago, Illinois and subsequent exhibitions have taken place in New York, Sydney, Paris,  London, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Milan among others. However Margaret River can claim to be the first regional centre to host the exhibition. So yay!! to Margaret River. 

The cows will be auctioned on Saturday 10 July and all funds raised go to charities. So please buy one. To date, CowParade has raised in excess of $20 million for charities around the world. Pretty impressive record. 

Regardless of the great cause, I just love them because they are gorgeous. Every place we visited, I had to pat the cow (or pose :P). Margaret River is a beautiful region of the world with wonderful produce and wines. The cows just add the extra special touch that makes you smile. 

What do you think of them?

I want one. Will anyone buy me this one?

You can check out more information about the Margaret River CowParade on their website

Happy weekend folks!
GB xx

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