Friday, April 16, 2010

Shame, GirlBug! Shame!

I know I'm a bad and infrequent blogger. Truth be told I'm hanging my head in shame... overindulgent online shopping shame.. well kinda. Here's the juxtaposition I'm in. I'm also the proud owner of a new pair of Grey Ant Status sunnies and... yes there's an 'and' here folks...a pair of cherry red Melissa Frye riding boots.

I've been lusting after these since January but it's taken this long to actually purchase. Not for want on trying mind you. The Grey Ants were out of stock for so long that I almost forgot about them. Now I can hide behind my oversized wayfayers whenever I choose (I just wish I can hide from my credit card statement).

Anyways... I love them so much. Once in stock, I must admit I'm pretty impressed how quickly & efficiently Revolve Clothing dispatched them. Oh what joy to find a package from Revolve in the post rather than the usual drib drab of bills.

A few days later my boots arrived from Revolve too. w00t! I've been lusting after them but couldn't justify spending the US$450+ despite encouragement from evil friends. Checking a website daily just to perve at the boots proved to be a wise albeit obsessive move. They came down in price by HEAPS!! And with a strong Aussie dollar... Well I pounced!!

How could I not? Please tell me how!!

The boots are so comfortable and unique. I so enjoy wearing them. With Winter months nearing, our union is perfect timing :)

Now all I need is a pair of slightly distressed blue jeans to go with. It never ends :P

Have a fab weekend xoxo


  1. DUDE. Those boots are AMAZING.


  2. ooooo I love the look of that boots!

    I just got one pair myself last month! Hehehe pretty excited over it. but mine is slightly taller , nearing to the knee area...

    been teased over the size of it :D (the height i suppose)